Using social, search and data analysis to uncover which marketers’ Big Game efforts are contributing the most value to their brand.


Brand Energy is an absolute measure of a brand’s value as derived from quantum mechanics. It is a derivation of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity that translates the physical energy of a brand in space into the true value of brand in the marketplace.

It relies on quantitative data points such as a brand’s forward P/E ratio, the statistical connection consumers have to a given idea, the statistical connection brands have to that idea and the statistical connection consumers have to a brand.

Category leaders were chosen on overall increase in consumer connection to the brand (how much more affinity did they have for the brand?), and overall increase in consumer connection to the idea (how much did they like the commercial?)


The jury is still out if launching a movie during the Super Bowl will work. Oz and Fast & Furious created two day spikes in Brand Energy, but that energy didn’t last. The NFL didn’t build much lasting energy – in true new media fashion, the NFL was hot until one minute after the game.




mckinney The Variable


Chart 1 measures the statistical connection between The Concept and The Brand. Using Brand Forensics (a proprietary algorithm that assimilates multiple online data points to measure strength of connection), we are able to assign a connection strength ranging from 0.00 (not connected) to 1.00 (incredibly connected). At .40, the connection strength begins to become meaningful (meaning that a search query that begins with The Concept will likely land on The Brand.)


Chart 2 plots social normalized work rate vs normalized social sentiment. An ideal social program sees those two numbers being nearly equal. If sentiment outpaces work rate, there is room to grow. If work rate outpaces sentiment, your content needs to be tweaked to evoke more positive reactions.